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About Us


Our best quality Japanese tea has been cultivated and refined in Uji, Kyoto, for approximately 400 years and now we would like to offer it to the world.

Tea Appraisers certification

Tea Appraisers Certification


Izumi Shimizu / Company President

I was born as the second son of a tea farmer's family in Uji Tawara-cho, Kyoto, which has 200 years of history. I grew up watching and helping in the tea cultivation and production. In my thirties I started focusing on a mail-order business that had been continued since 1955, and then established the Kiyosen Co. Ltd. when we were officially accredited as tea appraisers in 1997.

Taking advantage of living in a tea farming town and practicing the strictest day to day quality control, we provide Ujicha, known as the best Japanese tea, to the world.

I hope you will enjoy our time-honored quality tea, also known as the golden potion for perpetual youth and longevity.