Thoughts on Matcha Sweets

Thoughts on Matcha Sweets

Obsession for the Kiyosen brand【Taste】

Bring out new attraction

The Kiyosen brand [Matcha product] is an original brand that focuses on every product one by one.
Uji Matcha's good astringency, good taste, fresh smell, vivid green ... "I want everyone to know more about the charms of Matcha" it is from this feeling where we started making products using Matcha.
While the matcha boom is full of apparent green tea confectionery etc. (more coloring than necessary, flavors) overflowing, we used high-grade Uji Matcha Tea used for tea ceremony without using any fragrance, artificial pigment and additives.
Therefore, our commitment to tea is unmeasurable.
In addition, the Kiyosen brand is not only limited to using rich green tea.
We aim to make the most of the attractiveness of Matcha and establish such a Matcha Premium Brand, which is supported by people of all ages from children to the elderly.
We hope that you will continue to appreciate Uji tea and Uji tea products, the highest class of Japanese tea that has excellent effects on health maintenance, through our products.


Obsession with Matcha and Hoji Tea Chocolate

Matcha Chocolate

Most Matcha Chocolates around the world are simply flavored and are not pure Matcha. We would love you to have a taste of the true Uji Matcha, which is how KIYOSEN has came to be born in the first place. There are some different obsessions and preferences here.

・ We use valuable blending high quality green tea usually used in 8% of tea ceremonies.
・ We spend 20,000 yen (market price) for every Uji matcha for every 1 kg.
・ We have managed to successfully bring out the beautiful natural green color and green tea flavor with our unique manufacturing technology without using any artificial coloring or green tea fragrance.
・ (Raw materials) Cocoa butter, whole milk powder, sugar, matcha, emulsifier (from soy), spices.
・ 120 days of normal temperature storage

Hoji tea chocolate

The fragrant aroma of hojicha will make you feel refreshed. You can taste both the mellowness and umami taste of the high-quality roasted tea. Our hojicha chocolate is based on high quality ingredients. We are committed to using the refined aroma and taste which is the appeal point with its high quality hojicha to chocolate.

・ We use only a portion of the finest tea leaves, first grade tea's "stem portion" of the leaf.
・ We made white chocolate with specifications that bring out the characteristics of roasted tea more than ever using Matcha chocolate based on white chocolate after several decades of trial and error.
We measure the properties of green tea chocolate while it goes through changes, by re-adjusting the raw materials, because green tea is weak to light. We then carefully determine the packaging material to maintain the quality, and minimize the blurring of the quality.
・ (Raw materials) Cocoa butter, whole milk powder, sugar, roasted tea, vegetable oil, cacao mass, emulsifier, spices.
・ 120 days of normal temperature storage.
(The flavor is not intended to bring out the scent of Matcha, but uses some vanillin as the essence of the scent of white chocolate based.)

Matcha Chocolate

Obsession with Uji Matcha Tea Cake

Uji Matcha Cake "with Yuzu"

Authentic matcha cake using Uji's fine matcha and dumplings. By adding thick Uji Matcha to the dough and baking it moistly and cutting it into two pieces, we sandwich Ganassiu with Matcha in between. The dough is sweet and discreet, and the scent of yuzu brings out the flavor of green tea.

(Raw material) Egg, sugar, flour, butter, shortening, sake, fresh cream, white chocolate, matcha green tea, eggplant peel, starch syrup, emulsifier, swelling agent, spices, (Soy contains some of the raw materials)
Normal temperature storage for 30 days

Uji Matcha Tea Cake

Obsession with Kyo Monaka

Because the wafer cake's outer side and prawns are stuffed separately, it boasts the freshness and crispy feeling of freshness The outer layer (types) in the middle is using glutinous rice from Toyama prefecture. Matcha peel is easy to lose its flavor during the baking process, so we adjusted the blending timing of the ingredients and examine the flavor and color of the matcha. Kyouban tea's flavor (Hojicha peel) was used as a raw material to make the color too dark, and to give off the aroma and flavor.

(Raw materials) Sticky rice, Matcha ★ Additive-free
(Raw materials) Sticky rice, roasted tea ★ Additive-free
1 year storage at room temperature
I used a large, well-tanned Tana No Nagon azuki. Because matcha green tea has quite a long heating time, it causes color degradation of matcha, but by adjusting the timing of raw material input, we can prevent color and flavor from deteriorating as much as possible. (Additive-free)
(Raw materials) Tamba Large Grain, sugar ★ no additive
(Raw materials) Otebo beans, sugar, green tea ★ no additive
Normal temperature storage for 180 days

Kyo Monaka

Matcha-kuzu mochi/ hōjicha-kuzu mochi

A Matcha-kuzu mochi that is rich and yet refreshing.
While making the best use of Matcha's flavor, we have devised raw material to give a smooth, moderate and elastic texture that is the charm of Kuzu Mochi.

(Raw materials) starch syrup, sugar, powdered green tea, starch powder, ground powder, processed starch, gelling agent (polysaccharide thickener), coloring agent (gardenia, safflower) "Supplemented items" black honey, starch syrup, sugar, soybean

kuzu mochi

Obsession with Matcha pudding

Uji Kintoki pudding

It is pudding that has been treated with green tea. The base pudding uses the finest Uji green tea. Match the bittersweetness of green tea with the fresh sweetness of fresh Koshian. Even in its richness filled state, it has a slight flavor to it.

(Raw materials) Foods whose main ingredients are milk, sugar, egg yolks, powdered green tea, red beans, emulsifiers, gelling agents (polysaccharide thickeners), agar, glycine, coloring agents (safflowers, gardenia)
Normal temperature storage for 180 days

Matcha Pudding (Soy Milk Toro Rin)

A Matcha dessert made by blending Uji Matcha with pudding base using soymilk. Smooth texture is pretty famous and loved by most. The mellowness of soy milk and the bittersweetness of matcha tea create a distinctive flavor.

(Raw materials) Foods consisting mainly of sugar, soy milk, milk, Matcha, starch, gelling agent (polysaccharide thickening agent), starch, emulsifier, glycine, coloring agent (gardenia, safflower)
Normal temperature storage for 180 days

Hoji tea pudding (Soy Milk Toro Rin)

It is our tradition to use matcha nectar as a sauce based on the traditional egg pudding. You can taste the unique flavor if you try a serving with green tea sauce.

(Raw materials) Foods whose main ingredients are milk etc., whole eggs, sugar, matcha, rum, mash, starch syrup, agar, flavors, coloring agents (gardenia)
Normal temperature for 180 days

Green tea jelly

It was a jelly made of the finest Uji Matcha wrapping it as a whole. The green tea jelly rich with green tea flavor and has a modest sweetness to it .

(Raw materials) Red beans, sugar, green tea, coffee, gelling agent (polysaccharide thickener), coloring agents (gardenia, safflower)
Normal temperature storage for 180 days

Matcha pudding

Obsession for Matcha latte

Because it is latte made with true Matcha tea it can be easily differentiated from a tea shop or other commercial products available. We devised the quality of Uji match tea, the amount of match tea, the sweetness, and the firmness to give it a firm consistency.

(Raw materials) Creamy powder (corn syrup, skimmed milk powder, vegetable oil, sugar, ph adjuster), granulated sugar, powdered green tea, whole milk powder, fructose
Normal temperature storage for 180 days.

Matcha latte