Sencha Super Premium Grade

This tea is made by the traditional Uji style and constitutes only 9% of Sencha in Japan and is very hard to purchase. This tea is steamed for a shorter time than other methods. Its characteristic is long leaves like needles. It is light green and has an elegant aroma. This short-steamed type of tea can show you the true taste of the tea leaves. Sencha leaves grow under strong sun shine, and contain a lot of healthful elements such as catechin, which is said to be effective in preventing cancers and a variety of adult diseases. It produces an effect with other vitamins so the caffeine is softened.

Also 100g of Sencha contains 250mg of vitamin C, and the vitamin in tea isn't damaged by heat. It is additive-free with no artificial colors. Use 60-80degree (140F - 176F) water (not boiling water), and it will increase the sweetness. Boil the water to get rid of the chlorine smell when you use tap water.

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Product Characteristic

Ingredient 100% Natural, additive free, no any artificial colors and flavors.
Net Weight 100g
Aroma Invigorating★★★
Taste Sweetness★★ Bitterness★★★
Color Bright green★★★

Please consume as soon as possible after opening package.